Finavera Signs Up SAIC for Ocean Energy Projects

Finavera Renewables has announced that Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) will serve as the system integrator for Finavera Renewables’ portfolio of ocean energy conversion programs and installation projects. This agreement will combine the patented technology developed by Finavera Renewables with SAIC’s engineering and marine experience.

According to the contract, SAIC, will provide system integration, systems engineering and design-review support, plus program and project management services. Specifically, SAIC will work with Finavera to develop, integrate, procure, install and test ocean energy conversion devices, including the patented “AquaBuOY” in marine renewable energy parks. “This agreement brings two innovative companies together in the interest of commercializing a new renewable energy technology, introducing it as an available resource and strengthening energy security,” said Alla Weinstein, Director and General Manager of Finavera Renewables, Ocean Energy. “This agreement will advance Finavera Renewables’ pursuit of the commercialization of the AquaBuOY and the development of the wave energy industry worldwide.” Finavera Renewables is developing several wave energy projects worldwide: a 1-megawatt (MW) pilot plant in Makah Bay, Washington State, USA; a 100 MW staged power project in Figuera da Foz, Portugal; a 20 MW staged project in South Africa; and a pilot project in British Columbia, Canada. “This agreement is of key importance for the planned installation of an AquaBuOY device in the USA in 2007. Working with SAIC will allow us to aggressively develop and construct the AquaBuOY for this deployment,” said Jason Bak, CEO, Finavera Renewables. “Following this initial installation, it is anticipated that a number of devices will be deployed in what is planned to be America’s largest wave park.” Finavera Renewables also develops wind energy projects: it recently signed an agreement to acquire the 150 MW Three Hills wind power project in Alberta, Canada.
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