Farm-based Methane Recovery Conserves Water

[] Intrepid Technology and Resources announced that its proprietary anaerobic digestion process should provide a significant benefit in conserving and recycling water in drought-stricken Idaho. Dairies are big users of water and water conservation is becoming a critical consideration for their sustained operations, particularly given the severe drought conditions that threaten the agriculture industry in southern Idaho and other parts of the country. ITR said processing manure using their system provides the potential to recycle significant volumes of wastewater back into beneficial reuse in a variety of agricultural or other applications. The company is currently using their Rupert, Idaho biogas plant to develop a detailed understanding of how to further economically polish and improve the quality of the effluent water from digesters. If future testing proves that digesters can provide relatively clean water, then that water can be recycled to compatible operations instead of being routed to a holding pond or applied to compost operations where much of it is lost through evaporation.
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