Fairchild International to Acquire Hydrogen Production

Fairchild International announced negotiations to acquire a worldwide license to proprietary technology for the production of low-cost 99.9% pure hydrogen.

The technology will work in conjunction with the company’s gasification technologies to create hydrogen energy from bio-waste, low-grade coal, wood waste, and municipal and industrial garbage/waste products. The inventor of the technology is considered a leading expert in gasification and hydrogen energy technology. “The acquisition could make us a major player in the hydrogen power industry,” said Robert Klein, Fairchild president. Once acquired, the technology will offer a hydrogen substitute to industrials that are currently powered by high-priced natural gas. It will maintain Syngas’s net-zero airborne emissions and will qualify for greenhouse-gas credits as well as Kyoto protocol credits. Fairchild’s wholly owned subsidiary Syngas Energy, will acquire the licenses. “The technology builds on our core gasification technologies giving us a solid base in midsize hydrogen production. The field is wide open for hydrogen applications to industry, and our approach is relatively unique,” said Wilf Ouellette, Syngas president. As global tendencies move towards clean renewable energy, Fairchild foresees its company as poised to benefit from several revenue streams, its host nations poised to benefit from independence from foreign energy sources and its clients poised to benefit from reliable, clean low cost energy.
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