Exxon Mobil CEO Calls for an End to Ethanol Subsidies

[Detroit Free Press] Exxon Mobil Corp., after posting a record $36.1 billion in profit last year from surging oil prices, said the United States should end 28 years of subsidies for a competing fuel made from corn because the subsidies benefit domestic growers. … Tillerson rejected President George W. Bush’s call for increased government aid for ethanol, a form of grain alcohol that’s blended into about one-third of U.S. gasoline. Surging energy prices helped Exxon to the most profitable year ever for a U.S. company. Tillerson’s comments drew the ire of corn and ethanol producers. “In the face of pornographic profits being made by oil companies and the reality of higher gas prices this year, it is outrageous for an executive for big oil to actually suggest getting rid of the tax credit for ethanol,” said Brian Jennings, executive vice president of the American Coalition for Ethanol in Sioux Falls, S.D. …


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