Exploring the Icelandic Geothermal Experience

This week, we’re podcasting to you from Iceland. The country has been getting a lot of attention lately — and not just because of its severe economic problems. Iceland gets 78 percent of its primary energy from renewable resources, with 62 percent coming from geothermal. Now that more countries around the world are starting to get serious about deploying renewables on a meaningful scale, policy makers, business leaders and journalists are flocking to the country in greater numbers to learn from the Icelandic experience. In this podcast, we’re traveling around the country to speak with some of the leaders in the geothermal industry.

Iceland’s President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson describes the uniquely intimate relationship that Icelanders have with geothermal energy.

Reykjavik Energy’s Audur Björg shows us around the Hellsheidi Power Plant and gives us her view on the history of Iceland’s use of geothermal.

Albert Albertsson of Hitaveita Sudurnesja shows us around the Svartsengi Power Plant and talks about the company’s goal of making geothermal projects both a personal and utilitarian experience.

Steinar Gudlaugsson of Geysir Green Energy gives us an overview of the intense geologic activity occurring on and around the island.

Ingvar Birgir Fridleifsson of the United Nations University Geothermal Training Program talks about the importance of spreading the country’s geothermal experience to professionals in developing countries.

And Hannes Pálsson gives us a sense for how the average Icelander views the progress that the country has made in renewable energy over the years.

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