Evergreen Renewables to Manufacture Soybean Biodiesel

Evergreen Renewables LLC will bring the first operating biodiesel plant to Indiana by adding a soybean-based biodiesel division to the 34-acre facility on Wolf Lake Terminals in Hammond. It is expected to produce 5 million gallons of biodiesel per year made exclusively from soybean oil, cost around $10 million, and add 15 positions to the current staff of 60. Fuel will be produced early in 2006.

The group intends to expand production to 30 million gallons per year. The facility will be constructed to produce biodiesel according to BQ-9000, the leading industry standard for biodiesel producers. The project will bring jobs, revenue, and cheaper renewable fuels to local communities while providing clear benefits to the environment. “Hammond should be very familiar with this renewable fuel; the School City of Hammond bus fleet has been successfully operating on a biodiesel blend (B20) since the 2001 school year,” said Carl Lisek, Coordinator for South Shore Clean Cities, a U.S. Department of Energy Program. Evergreen Renewables LLC is a partnership between Edible Oil Marketing, LLC (EOM), an independent vegetable oil marketer, and Process Technology Associates LLC (PTA), a chemical and process engineering firm, in conjunction with Wolf Lake Terminals, Inc., which currently owns and operates a fully integrated liquid storage and distribution facility in Hammond, Indiana. “The facility site at Wolf Lake Terminals is optimally situated,” said Brian Engel, EOM President and Evergreen Renewables partner, “to source soybean oil from a number of Indiana soybean processors and to supply the growing demand for biodiesel to various wholesale rack fuel distributors in the region.” Paul Johnson, Senior Vice President of Bank of America, recently commented, “We have worked closely with EOM as their vegetable oil business has grown and look forward to helping them expand into biodiesel production.” For further information, call Marc Wharton at (402) 397-2622 at Evergreen Renewables, which is a member of the National Biodiesel Board.
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