European Parliament Okays 20% Renewable Energy by 2020

A report from EUFORES, the European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources, which called for 20 percent mandatory target of renewable energy by 2020, was recently adopted by the European Parliament. “The share of renewable energy in the EU and proposals for concrete action (2004/2153 (INI))” was presented by Claude Turmes, Member of the European Parliament, Rapporteur of the report and Vice President of EUFORES.

“The adoption of my report in today’s plenary session is a big step forward for renewable energy. The European Parliament clearly voted for a 20 percent mandatory renewable energy target share by 2020. We even went further and made clear that 25 percent are possible in combination with energy efficiency measures. For the electricity sector that means largely more than 33 percent by 2020. It makes me happy that the report has experienced such a huge cross-party support,” said Turmes. In the adopted Claude Turmes Report, the European Parliament voted for the following: — Renewable energies combined with energy conservation measures to reduce Europe’s dependence on energy imports and diminish the political and economic risks resulting from these imports — Tax cuts to encourage renewables — Fair market conditions for electricity produced from renewable energies — End to distortions in the energy market — Clear increase of R&D budget for renewables in the upcoming FP7 program — The development of an export strategy for less-developed countries and emerging economies and as part of poverty reduction strategies — Renewables to be a key element of structural policy — Greater use of biomass — Further initiatives to promote the use of renewable heating and cooling technologies in particular in the building sector. Mechtild Rothe, Member of the European Parliament, shadow of the report and President of EUFORES added: “This is the right response to the increasing oil prices. I am very happy that the European Parliament aims at strengthening the strategy for renewable energy and energy efficiency by targeting at a European-wide 25 percent renewable energy share by 2020 and at least at 23 percent energy savings target. The current oil crisis makes clear that we have to substitute finite energy sources with infinite renewable ones. We are currently consuming the major share of the primary energy for heating purposes. Therefore, we have to go for more renewable energy in the heating sector.” Mechtild Rothe is initiator and Rapporteur of a Heating and Cooling Report in European Parliament, which will contain concrete proposals for the promotion of renewable heating and cooling.


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