Europe Launches Renewable Energy Campaign

“Intelligent energy production and consumption will change the European energy landscape forever”. This is the core message of the Sustainable Energy Europe campaign that the European Commission launched this week, and which will last until 2008.

This action is set to contribute to meeting EU energy policy aims: an increase in the share of renewable energy up to 12 percent by 2010, together with substantial savings in energy consumption that have been estimated in the recently adopted Green Paper on Energy Efficiency at 20% by 2020. The objectives of the campaign are to raise the awareness of decision-makers at local, regional, national and European level, spread best-practice, ensure a strong level of public awareness, understanding and support, and stimulate the necessary trends towards an increase in private investment in sustainable energy technologies. The Sustainable Energy Europe 2005-2008 Campaign specifically supports and promotes actions in the following nine main campaigning areas: Regions, Cities, Islands and Rural Areas, Communities aiming at 100 percent RES Supply, Transport, Buildings, Lighting Systems and Appliances, Co-operation with Developing Countries and Promotion and Communication. Annual key events are scheduled in the framework of the Campaign such as the Conference and the Sustainable Energy Awards. A Campaign website will bring information to the decisions-makers, the media and the public and a Media Desk is at your disposal. The Sustainable Energy Partnerships are the main instruments of the Campaign made up of organizations that are currently implementing, or planning to implement, a project or program intended to have a significant impact upon the related energy environment in the European Union. The partnerships represent a European network, specially designed to actively involve and promote a wide range of projects and programs in the context of the Campaign. Within the Campaign, achievable benchmarks for 2008 are also provided, in order to measure the progress of sustainable energy actions and serve as goals for decision-makers and planners. In the area of renewable energy sources, these benchmarks are in line with the EU 2010 targets and/or the estimates (i.e. during the period 2005-2008 the installation of 15000 MW new capacities of wind turbines and the construction of 450 new combined biomass heat and power plants). A fivefold increase is expected in the production capacity of bioethanol, and a threefold increase in biodiesel. Amongst benchmarks relative to energy performance in buildings, around 5 million inspections and assessments of heating systems will take place, 2 million Energy Performance Certifications on smaller buildings will be assured and the construction of 50 000 ‘very low’ energy houses is expected.
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