EU-Wide Tender Process Delivers Waste-to-Energy Plant for Poland

Germany-based EEW Energy from Waste last week was awarded a contract to build and operate a thermal waste recovery plant in Poland following an EU-wide tender process.

EEW CEO Bernard M. Kemper said in a statement that the successful participation in the tender process is a milestone in project work in Poland and a win for both sides.

“For us, the award of this contract represents our entry into the Polish market,” he said.

According to EEW, the annual thermal treatment capacity at the Port Czystej Energii plant in Gdansk, Poland, will be around 160,000 metric tons of waste. Following construction of the plant, EEW will operate the single-line grate firing system on behalf of ZAKŁAD UTYLIZACYJNY Sp., the publicly owned waste management company of the City of Gdansk, for 25 years.

The combined heat and power plant will produce electricity, while also suppling energy to GPEC, which operates the city of Gdansk’s district heating network.

Lead image credit: EEW

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