EU Eyes Latin American Renewable Energy Opportunities

Not only is the EU doing a better job than the United States at accelerating the use of renewable energy in the member states, but it’s also pushing ahead to promote renewables all around the world. On January the 20, a cycle of seminars and conferences to promote clean and efficient energy and transport technologies will begin in La Paz, Bolivia and after that will be located in the main capital cities of other South American nations.

As well as La Paz, cities such as Quito, Ecuador, Santiago de Chile, Mexico DF, Mexico Buenos Aires, Argentina and Rio de Janeiro and Brazil will harbor the transference of technology meetings in the context of the OPET Latin America project, (OLA), promoted by the European Union until the month of February. The IDAE, Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy, is the organization in charge of coordinating the project and leading the activities that will be done in Chile and Mexico. The OPET is a network of organizations for the promotion of energy technologies; it is an initiative by The European Commission to spread the results of the research and technological development in the field of energy. The network aims to facilitate the entry of new and clean energies in European and global markets. The OPET Latin America, (OLA), is one of its several plans of action. The OLA project came to be due to the need to identify opportunity areas for renewable energies and energy efficiency. Additionally the project aims to promote investments, increase technological cooperation, disseminate the results of Research and Technological Development, and to identify problems and possible solutions relating to the legal and institutional framework in each country. European energy agents (technical experts, associations, consultants and engineers) have been summoned to these meetings, where they will have the opportunity to show and promote their technological progress in the fields of cogeneration, wind energy, biomass, solar thermal and PV, liquid biofuels for transport, new technologies for rural electrification or energy efficiency in buildings to the main Latin American speakers (Administration, energetic companies). The aim is to share the technological progress that is offered to Latin American countries with new ways of making the use of energy more compatible with the sustainable development. Fourteen partners from different European member countries will work together on this project. OLA is led by IDAE, but there are some Spanish organizations involved too, such as The Valencian Energy Agency (AVEN), The Basque Entity for the Energy (EVE), The Catalan Energy Institute (ICAEN) and The Society for the Energetic Development of Andaluc?a (SODEAN); as well as The Energy Agence of Madeira (AREAM), The Society of Public Transportation of Oporto (STCP) and the Technological Institutes IST and INESC, from Portugal; The Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations (FAST), from Italy; LDK, from Greece; New Power, from Holland; SINTEF, from Norway and two international agencies: The European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) and The International Scientific Council of the UNESCO, (INSULA).
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