EU Biodiesel Output Growing at 20% a Year

Seville, Spain [Reuters] European Union output of biodiesel, a clean oilseed-based renewable fuel, will grow by at least 20 percent a year and will largely be made from rapeseed, the CEO of France’s leading producer Diester Industrie said late on Tuesday. … The biggest problem the expanding sector faces is where to obtain raw materials because European Union countries do not grow enough oilseed crops now to meet future demand from fuel makers. Commercial biodiesel would ideally be 70 percent rapeseed. European Union policies needed to change to encourage farmers to plant more rapeseed. Price support should be doubled to 90 euros a tonne and subsidies should be extended to new EU members. … The EU is due to review its non-binding 5.75 percent target this year and consider whether to make targets mandatory.


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