Ethanol Plant Sited for Saskatchewan

Husky Energy announced that it would proceed with the construction of a major ethanol facility adjacent to its heavy oil Upgrader at Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. The plant is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2005. The new ethanol plant would be the largest in western Canada and have an annual production capacity of 130 million liters of ethanol, the oxygenate fuel additive derived from biologically renewable sources, such as grain, corn or wood waste. The plant will cost approximately CAD$95 million (US$72.5 million) to build.

Regina, Saskatchewan – February 18, 2004 [] “Husky’s goals for this expansion are to make cleaner fuels and to provide ethanol for the refining industry,” said Husky Energy President & Chief Executive Officer John C.S. Lau. “This initiative will also support our current program of ethanol- blended fuels marketed under our Mother Nature’s Fuel brand.” Lau commended the Saskatchewan provincial government and the Federal government for demonstrating the commitment required to reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions. “Both levels of government should be congratulated for delivering on their commitment to the economy and the environment,” Lau said. Because the use of ethanol-blended fuel has been proven to reduce carbon monoxide emissions, ozone precursors and net emissions of greenhouse gases, the Canadian federal government agency, Environment Canada, has designated ethanol-blended gasoline as an Environmental Choice product. “This is a significant investment in Saskatchewan, in the region, and in Lloydminster,” said Lorne Calvert, Premier of Saskatchewan. “It is a major step towards our goal of growing the economy in a ‘green’ and sustainable way. In addition to the environmental benefits arising from ethanol use, this facility also provides a new market for Saskatchewan grain farmers. It means cleaner fuel and more jobs. We are extremely pleased to see this major expansion in our biofuels production.” Husky Energy has established itself in the market development of ethanol-blended fuel, and has received government recognition for the low combustion emissions in its ethanol-blended fuel. Ethanol-blended gasoline is available at Husky and Mohawk branded service stations across Canada.
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