Ethanol Plant Earns Job Creation Tax Credit

[] Ohio Gov. Bob Taft announced that the Ohio Tax Credit Authority approved Job Creation Tax Credits for 14 companies involved in business location or expansion projects in the state. Among the businesses is Harrison Ethanol, which was awarded a 50 percent, or $479,203, tax credit for a seven-year term so the company can begin operating in the Ohio market. Harrison Ethanol is expected to maintain operations at its Cadiz, Ohio site for 14 years in order to receive the tax credit. Harrison Ethanol plans to construct a 1.8 million square-foot biorefinery that will utilize components of corn to produce ethanol as a fuel additive for motor vehicles. The company also plans to sell the byproducts of the ethanol process, which include carbon dioxide and bio-diesel fuel components (corn oil and ethanol) that will be captured, liquefied or solidified. Methane gas produced at the site’s anaerobic digester is a byproduct of the animal husbandry division, and will be captured and used to produce renewable electrical energy and heat at the plant. The more than $68 million project is expected to create 107 jobs within the first three years of operation. Other state assistance committed for this project includes a $600,000 Pioneer Rural Loan and a $400,000 Roadwork Development grant.


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