Ethanol Fueled Cropduster Certified in Brazil

[] Ipanema crop dusters in Brazil are now certified to run off fuel made from the crops they dust. Industria Aeronautica Neiva has received type certification from Centro Tecnico Aeroespacial (CTA), the Brazilian aviation regulation agency, for its ethanol-fueled Ipanema crop dusting aircraft. The Ipanema is the first series production aircraft in the world coming out of the factory that is certified for flying with ethanol. The choice for using ethanol was based on the fact that Brazil is a major producer of this type of alcohol, and automobiles in the country have been using this fuel for more than 20 years. Ethanol is about three to four times cheaper than aviation gasoline (AvGas). Additionally, ethanol-powered aircraft engines are cleaner and have lower levels of emission than AvGas because they have no lead in their composition. Neiva has registered the name “AvAlc” (Aviation Alcohol) in Brazil for use of this new fuel. Neiva has received 69 orders to retrofit customers’ AvGas-fueled Ipanemas into ethanol-powered airplanes. Work is expected to begin in January of 2005
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