Ethanol Fuel Available in Columbia, Missouri

November 24, 2003 [] MFA Oil Company is now selling E85 fuel (the renewable transportation fuel that is a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline) at a Break Time fueling station In Columbia Missouri. As a strong advocate for homegrown fuels, MFA Oil Company also makes E10 (the 10 percent blend of ethanol) available at most of its Break Time and Petro-Card 24 fuel stations statewide. According to MFA Oil Company Senior Vice President of sales Ken Caspall, the company hopes to expand E85 availability very soon, from this first Break Time location, to Petro-Card 24 locations in Macon and Rolla. The Break Time in Columbia is now the seventh fueling station in the Missouri to offer E85 fuel. The National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition reported that nearly one in four fuel stations in the Missouri currently offer E10.


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