Ethanol Facility Powered by Renewable Energy from Dairy Waste

Bion Environmental Technologies and Fair Oaks Dairy Farms, the largest dairy east of the Mississippi and an industry leader in solutions to dairy environmental issues, announced a joint venture in which Bion’s patented animal waste technology enables the synergistic integration of ethanol production with animal agriculture. The result of this integration of ethanol with animal agriculture is economic and environmental sustainability.

Using herd concentration provides the scale needed for the economically viable generation of renewable energy in support of ethanol production, and establishes a stable local market for the entire volume of produced co-product distiller grains without the need for drying. Bion’s technology platform provides sufficient renewable energy from the associated animal waste stream to produce ethanol absent of any outside fuel source such as natural gas or coal, while directly addressing the growing long-term risk to distiller grains revenues as those markets become increasingly saturated by the continued expansion of U.S. ethanol production. The integrated Bion platform incorporating ethanol production at Fair Oaks will be a balanced, closed-loop system that the company’s research indicates will create sufficient renewable energy to support one million gallons of ethanol for every 1,000 dairy cows. “Based on Bion’s ratio forecast between herd concentration and ethanol production, it appears that both heat energy and ethanol co-product can be in balance in an environmentally sustainable manner,” said John Ewen of Ardour Capital, an advisor to Bion. Stage One of the joint venture, commencing shortly, provides for construction of a research center to test sand bedding with Bion’s technology. Stage Two, projected for 2007, will include a Bion treatment system for Fair Oaks and potentially other local dairy herds, and an ethanol plant sized according to the number of participating dairy animals.
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