EPURON Implements First PV Project in Italy

EPURON GmbH has begun constructing a 900-kilowatt (kW) photovoltaic (PV) project with the help of its subsidiary in Italy.

The projects are divided among three locations in the center of Italy: Mosciano, Notaresco and Cesena. EPURON’s Brescia office will manage the implementation of this project by the middle of this year, which is one of the biggest photovoltaic installations in Italy. This project was made possible through a co-operation with Amadori, a leading European food producer. EPURON will implement three PV plants on available space that it is leasing from Amadori. This will help Amadori generate additional long-term yields. This model has been successfully used by EPURON before. In 2005, EPURON collaborated with Michelin to implement the world’s largest PV rooftop plant. “We will continue to pursue co-operation with large companies in Italy. Many companies are very open to contribute in climate protection alongside their normal business activities,” said Thomas-Tim Saevecke, Managing Director of EPURON, also responsible for the photovoltaic division. Crystalline modules with a power output of 300 kilowatts will be installed on a free-field site in Mosciano and Notaresco. The project in Notaresco will be implemented using sun-tracking systems. Due to the comparably low irradiation values in Cesena (the most northern location), the company will install a free-field plant with thin-film modules. EPURON can expect continued growth in renewable energy thanks to the introduction of the Italian feed-in law “Conto Energia,” which passed in 2005 and has been adjusted to meet the German electrical initiative in February of this year. EPURON is expanding operations for large-scale projects in Italy beyond photovoltaics to include wind and bioenergy. Last year, EPURON implemented its first wind park with a 12-megawatt output in the region of Puglia.
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