EnergyQuest Tests Solar-powered Water Purification System

Using only solar power, a new water-purifying system that is both easy to store and portable will undergo testing near El Paso, Texas, at an agricultural testing facility operated by the Texas Water Resources Institute of Texas A & M.

EnergyQuest claims its system is invaluable for use in providing drinking water during disaster relief efforts. The system also has promising applications for agriculture in areas where water is brackish or unsuitable for crop development. The system purifies water while also reserving any minerals or other usable byproducts collected during the purification process, such as sea salt from an ocean water source, for future use or sale. The Texas Water Resources Institute is the focal point for water resources research, education and communication within the worldwide Texas A&M University System and the State of Texas. In other business, EnergyQuest will provide two states with a conical solar collection system believed to be more efficient than current solar energy technologies. The Nevada Department of Tourism will incorporate the Solar Thermal Energy Conical Collector into a tourism project that showcases renewable energy while informing visitors about Nevada’s history and attractions. The Delaware Energy Cooperative will use the new technology to reduce the energy requirements of an energy self-sufficient home to be built in upstate New York between the Catskills and Adirondacks.
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