Ener-G To Build Three Waste-to-Energy Project in Lithuania

Ener-G has landed a hat-trick of landfill generation contracts in the Baltic state of Lithuania – supplying enough renewable electricity to power up to 5,500 homes in the country. Soon, 5.5 megawatts (MW) of electricity generated from these landfills using technology from the UK engineering group’s Natural Power business, will come online.

The newest project will enable the municipality of Alytaus in southern Lithuania to generate 1 MW electricity from its landfill waste disposal facility – becoming the third area in the country to convert environmentally unfriendly landfill gases into electricity.

This follows similar contracts with the Regional Waste Management centres in the capital city of Vilnius and Klaipeda on the western Baltic coast. Construction of the Vilnius contract for a 3 MW landfill gas generation project and 1.5 MW landfill gas generation operation for the Waste Management Centre of Klaipeda will be completed later this year

Work will start on the Alytaus landfill development later this year, with some generation expected by the end of 2009, Ener-G said.

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