Encore to Provide Greywater Geothermal for Massachusetts

Encore Energy Systems will make their patented greywater geothermal HVAC solutions available to the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) industry in the state of Massachusetts.

In support of the state’s efforts to reduce operational costs and lower C02 levels from operations, the company will work in cooperation with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (Mass. DEP) to determine geothermal energy solutions for aging facility infrastructures. The initial focus will be on retrofitting 14 pre-selected sites with Encore’s greywater geothermal heat exchangers that will allow up to 70% savings on heating and cooling expenses from operations.

“Conventional energy consuming roof-mounted HVAC is obsolete; it’s the industry dinosaur,” said Brian Mello, Sr. VP of Encore. “There is no longer any need for this old school technology. We have the ability to provide efficiency at much higher levels, no roof penetrations, and enjoy 25 year life-cycles with our heat exchangers installed within the conditioned space. It is the future in geothermal heat exchange; there is nothing more efficient.”


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