EMCOR Awarded Solar Design Contract

EMCORE Corporation has announced the award of a contract to design and develop a solar array to power the CRYOSAT satellite, a project of ASTRIUM for the ESA (European Space Agency).

Somerset, New Jersey – August 5, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] This contract follows EMCORE’S recently announced acquisition of the Applied Solar Division business of Tecstar, Inc., which now forms part of EMCORE’s PhotoVoltaics Division. The first in a series of earth explorer opportunity missions sponsored by the ESA’s ‘Living Planet’ program, the CRYOSAT satellite will monitor land and marine ice mass fluxes to improve the understanding of climate change. According to the terms of the contract, EMCORE will lead a team comprising itself and the European Aeronautic Defense & Space Company (EADS), in which EADS will provide the mechanical design while EMCORE undertakes the electrical design. The solar array, which converts sunlight into electrical power, will be the primary power source for the CRYOSAT satellite. “Satellite success is highly dependent on the solar array’s performance and reliability as a key component of the satellite’s power supply,” said Uwe Mallow of ASTRIUM. “The combination of EMCORE’s industry-leading high efficiency advanced triple-junction solar cells and the successful flight heritage of Tecstar’s solar array programs were key factors in our decision.” “We selected EMCORE to supply the satellite’s power components because of the strength of their technology and the consistent high quality of their photovoltaic products and services,” said Mallow. “We are pleased to have them on the CRYOSAT team and are confident in their ability to meet our power requirements.” EMCORE’s PhotoVoltaics division provides satellite manufacturers with integrated photovoltaic power components that enable greater satellite performance and improve satellite launch economics. By providing satellite manufacturers with the industry’s highest efficiency solar cells (beginning of life efficiency: 27.5 percent) and CICs and solar panels that have the world’s longest, most successful on-orbit flight heritage, EMCORE has become the single source provider of reliable satellite power components. EMCORE’s multi- junction solar cell technology will be used on approximately 10 satellite launches in the next 3 years. As a continuation of EMCORE’s success in the industry, the recent contract with ASTRIUM has been awarded and it is expected that the final documentation will be signed soon.
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