Egat Set to Spend on 250 MW of Renewables

The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat) is ready to spend THB 22 billion [US $644 million] on the establishment of renewable-energy-driven power plants with a combined capacity of 258 megawatts (MW). Egat will use its own cash flow to fund project development.

The plan will focus on four types of power plants – mini-hydropower plants with a combined 170 MW of capacity, waste power plants with a combined 15 MW of capacity, wind power plants with a combined 65 MW of capacity and solar power plants with a combined 8 MW of capacity.

Egat divides its plan for developing renewable energy into three phases. In the first phase, from last year to 2012, it aims to create 102 MW of renewable energy, of which 20.5 MW will be from wind power. During the period, the utility plans to install 3 MW from solar power. Egat will also construct six mini-hydropower plants with combined capacity of 78.7 MW. The overall cost of the project development in this phase is BT 7.4 billion [US $216 million].

In the second phase, spanning from 2013 to 2017, it aims to install a total of 78 MW of renewable energy generation capacity. Of this, 13 MW will be generated by wind power, 2 MW by solar power, 7.5 MW by waste power and 55.5 MW from mini-hydropower. The project total cost is BT 7.9 billion [US $231 million].

In the last phase, it expects to produce 79 MW, of which 32 MW will be from wind power, 3 MW from solar, 7.5 MW from waste and 36 MW from mini-hydropower. That project total cost is BT 6.7 billion [US $196 million].

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