EERC Gets $5 M to Advance Renewable Fuel for Jets

A new domestic bio-jet fuel for the U.S. military, which will be an identical replacement for JP-8 petroleum-based fuel, is the focus for development and demonstration at the Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) at the University of North Dakota — due to an approximate $5 million award from the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) Defense-Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The EERC fuel will meet the military specification for JP-8, which represents the majority of all fuel used in the U.S. military used to power the Boeing B-52 bomber, the Abrams A1 Battle Tank, the Apache Helicopter, and others. The EERC fuel is usable in extremely cold temperatures (at or below -50 degrees F), which makes it ideal for use in jets. “One of the greatest challenges in our nation is energy security for the U.S. military,” said EERC Director Gerald Groenewold. “This award is a significant opportunity to match the skills of the EERC with the military’s needs.” “This will also expand the EERC’s capabilities in tactical fuels and allow us to demonstrate the effects of recently developed technology to convert fuels made from indigenous resources that can replace imported oil,” he added. The 18-month project will produce enough fuel to allow DARPA to demonstrate the fuel’s usability in real-world combat scenarios. “Our whole approach with this project is to develop an affordable new fuel that can be dropped in to replace the current JP-8 fuel,” said Ted Aulich, Senior Research Manager. “This replacement will allow an easy transition from a petroleum-based fuel to a 100% domestic renewable fuel.”
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