EarthFirst Technologies Enters Global Biodiesel Industry

EarthFirst Technologies (EFTI), which formed EarthFirst Americas (EFA) to expedite international deployment of its technology, announced the manufacture and distribution of biodiesel produced from soy, rapeseed and palm fruit to customers in the U.S., Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union.

Using proprietary thermal distillation technologies, EarthFirst’s Catalytic Activated Vacuum Distillation unit can extract oil from organic feedstock at much lower cost and greater production efficiency levels than is currently commercially available, according to the release. “The emergence of EFA positions EFTI as a large-scale producer and distributor of renewable fuels. In the near future, we will provide more details related to activities currently being undertaken to position EFA as a major player in the biodiesel industry,” said Leon Toups, EarthFirst Technologies CEO. EFA is importing the first shipment of biodiesel into the Port of Tampa, due to arrive this month. EFA’s partner in the development of biodiesel is LaFabril of Manta Ecuador, one of the region’s largest manufacturers of oils from palm, soy and rapeseed.
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