Earth Energy System Sold to U.S. ESCO

One of the larger energy service companies in the United States will purchase a line of earth energy heat pumps.

AUSTIN, Texas, New York, US, 2001-03-21 <> DeMarco Energy Systems has an agreement to sell its Energy Miser System to the ESCO, which will install the units under a performance contract. The system will reduce energy costs and improve the quality and functionality of facilities. The energy service company will not be named until work has begun. “Energy service companies are rushing to provide their customers with the highest energy efficiency and quickest return on investment possible,” says president and CEO Victor DeMarco. “With DeMarco’s patented geo-thermal Energy Miser system, high energy users can expect to have their energy bills slashed in half in most cases.” The energy service company will Install the system under a performance contract that enables the ESCO to guarantee that savings from energy conservation measures will pay for the capital cost of retrofitting and installing new energy equipment. The process enables customers to reduce energy cost and avoid the need to obtain capital budgets. “This is a win-win solution for energy providers and customers straining under escalating energy cost,” adds DeMarco. The arrangement appeals to governmental facilities, schools and non-profit institutions, where budgets have been restricted in recent years. Performance contracting provides an attractive infrastructure renewable option to the private sector. Third party financing with performance guarantees can be used to implement projects, which would otherwise consume precious capital appropriation dollars. The Energy Miser is a geothermal heating and cooling system that reduces costs by 50 to 70 percent in commercial, institutional and industrial applications. The Energy Miser uses the thermal properties of municipal water mains, reuse water or any other managed water supply.

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