Earth Day Rings in New Green Power Options

Thousands of Mainers will celebrate Earth Day 2003 with “green electricity” supplying their homes, churches and businesses through Maine Interfaith Power & Light (MeIPL) which is now providing green power to the state’s electricity consumers.

Brunswick, Maine – April 22, 2003 [] Unlike the default Standard Offer, which is generated mostly from nonrenewable fossil fuel and out-of-state nuclear sources, MeIPL’s green electricity is generated entirely from cleaner sources that will never run out-sun, wind, water and wood. “Buying green electricity is a great way to spring into action this Earth Day,” said Fred Horch, Project Coordinator for MeIPL. “For about US$7.50 extra per month, you can buy electricity that causes less pollution and safeguards our natural resources for future generations. In just three months, our customers are keeping more than 500,000 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the air. Over the next two years, our customers will use more than 13 million kWhs of electricity generated entirely from renewable water and wood sources here in Maine-eliminating the need to burn fossil fuel to generate their electric power.” Each year, Earth Day inspires individuals and communities to consider their impact on the planet. This year, Mainers have two new ways to buy green electricity to protect the environment: Green Tags and Green Supply. Green Tags, which cost US$20 per tag, each displace 1,400 pounds of carbon dioxide by ensuring that 1,000 kWhs of electricity from wind and solar sources are delivered to our country’s electricity grids. Green Supply, which costs an extra US1.5 cents per kWh, is a 100 percent renewable, 100 percent made-in-Maine option for residential and small-nonresidential electricity accounts for electricity generated exclusively by hydropower (water) and biomass (wood) facilities. More than 700 Mainers-including Governor John Baldacci-have purchased green electricity from Maine Interfaith Power & Light’s suppliers since January 23, 2003. From September through December 2002, 49.1 percent of Maine’s Standard Offer electricity was generated by fossil fuel-burning plants, and 28.3 percent was generated by nuclear plants. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, generating electricity is the largest single industrial source of air pollution.Buying green electricity is an effective way to change the way electricity is generated. By paying extra for green electricity, consumers can vote with their pocket books for a cleaner and 100 percent sustainable energy supply. Mainers who choose green electricity can easily sign up online. No deposit or credit card is required. Delivery and billing continue to be handled by the regulated distribution companies such as Central Maine Power and Bangor Hydro. The extra cost comes to about 25 cents a day, depending on usage. Additional information, including the full text of the disclosure label and service agreement, is available on the Internet at the link below.
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