Dynamotive Starts Commissioning Intermediate BioOil Plant in Ontario

Dynamotive Energy Systems Corp., which develops and markets biomass-based biofuel technology and products derived from its proprietary fast-pyrolysis process, has started the commissioning of its biofuel plant in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

The biofuels produced by Dynamotive will be aimed at the industrial fuels market. The Guelph plant is designed to process 200 tons per day of cellulosic biomass (recycled wood) and produce 175 tons (37,000 gallons) of biofuel per day (12.2 million gallons a year). Total development costs for the plant are currently estimated at US$ 16.5 million. Full operations are scheduled for the second quarter. “The Guelph plant will help draw international attention to renewable BioOil and Intermediate BioOil as being viable and highly economical replacements, on a potentially enormous scale, for mainstream industrial fuels whether in the U.S., China, Europe or the smallest nations which have little or no fossil fuel but abundant cellulosic biomass residues which are the raw materials from which our fuels are made,” said Andrew Kingston, President and CEO of Dynamotive. The company has tested over 120 types of biomass to date. This provides it with flexibility in tackling the growing sustainable fuels market, providing opportunity to process residues from biodiesel and ethanol production processes. Kingston added that at a second stage of development Dynamotive will aim to further process BioOil and Intermediate BioOil into synthetic diesel and ethanol and, in doing so, further expand the market appeal for its technology and fuels.
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