Dynamotive Launches Higher Energy Content Renewable Biofuel

Dynamotive Energy Systems Corp. introduced Intermediate BioOil, which it says is a higher energy grade of BioOil aimed as an alternative fuel for the intermediate and heavy fuel oil markets and as a higher energy source for production of synfuels from biomass.

The fuel was developed at Dynamotive’s West Lorne facility and has undergone combustion, emission and certification tests throughout 2006. Intermediate BioOil’s heat output averages 14% higher than the company’s standard BioOil. Developed to compete functionally and on price-performance with commonly used industrial fuels such as No. 2 and No. 6 heating oil, it is a blend of 80% BioOil and 20% char ground to under 8 microns. Both BioOil and char are produced simultaneously during Dynamotive’s proprietary fast-pyrolysis process, which creates a usable source of energy from cellulosic biomass. Intermediate BioOil produced at West Lorne recently received EcoLogo certification, having met stringent environmental criteria for industrial fuels as measured by Environment Canada’s Environmental Choice Program. Dynamotive President and CEO Andrew Kingston stated, “Dynamotive’s BioOil and Intermediate BioOil can be used in burners, furnaces, and the BioOil also in gas turbines. By varying the carbon content, customers requiring higher thermal outputs can now have a renewable fuel choice to meet their needs and reduce costs.” Dynamotive disclosed that this fuel grade can be produced at its new Guelph, Ontario, plant and the company will seek certification for fuel from this plant once it is in operation. Construction is expected by spring. The new 200-ton-per-day plant, located about 40 miles west of Toronto, is the company’s second BioOil plant in the province.
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