DynaMotive Extends Rated Capacity by 50%

DynaMotive Energy Systems Corporation has successfully integrated process improvements to its biomass pilot plants which have extended their rated capacity.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – September 5, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] The process improvements tested initially in DynaMotive’s 2 ton per day (TPD) plant were successfully transported to its 10 TPD plant extending its rated capacity to 15 TPD. The increase in rated capacity of DynaMotive’s plants resulting from process improvements underscores the scalability of DynaMotive’s technology and the increase is expected to have significant impact on DynaMotive’s scale up and commercial deployment plans. DynaMotive is currently developing a 100 TPD plant in conjunction with its engineering partners. The process improvements will be incorporated into the design. DynaMotive is reviewing the process advances to establish additional patent coverage to supplement the original BioTherm process patents. The process advances are the result of extensive bench and pilot scale testing. The data and experience gained from the operation of both plants have led to the process improvements which have been achieved. During the past four years, DynaMotive’s plants have accumulated over 4000 hours of operation. DynaMotive has incorporated a state of the art control system that allows for real time analysis of process parameters and plant performance. Both DynaMotive plants were designed and upgraded by DynaMotive’s Technology Group and constructed at the BC Research Inc. complex in Vancouver, BC. The plants conform to all applicable safety, electrical and mechanical design standards.
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