Duraflame Switches to Renewable-based Wax for Firelogs

Stockton, California [RenewableEnergyAccess.com] In recent years, Duraflame, Inc. R&D team has been testing new blends of “bio-wax” materials made from renewable resources. Now the company announced it will no longer use petroleum wax in the production of its Duraflame-brand firelogs. Tests showed the environmentally friendly waxes burned more vigorously and yet produced fewer emissions. The switch to bio-waxes also reduces the company’s carbon footprint: as a result of the product formulation change, Duraflame will “dramatically” reduce its use of non-renewable fossil fuels. Earlier this decade, the company began searching for alternatives to recycled wood sawdust to fill demand — and found the use of agricultural biomass feasible.
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