DuPont Hosts Panel Discussion on Future of Biofuels

As part of a biosciences investor event, Dupont hosted a panel discussion on the future of biofuels. The panelists, including U.S. Department of Energy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Alexander Karsner and BP Biofuels President Phillip New, outlined the global market drivers that are creating growing demand for biofuels; the role governments can play in accelerating biofuels development; and the challenges and opportunities to make biofuels a commercial reality beyond today’s grain and sugar cane ethanol.

Dartmouth College Engineering and Biology Professor Lee Lynd and Vantage Point Venture Partner Bernie Bulkin were also part of the panel that was moderated by DuPont Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer Thomas M. Connelly, Jr.

“Navigating a smooth transition to a world supported by sustainable resources is the defining challenge of our time,” Dartmouth’s Lynd said. “Increasingly, cellulosic biofuels are expected to play a key role as a source of renewable transportation fuels, and investment at entirely unprecedented levels is being made in the field. It is reasonable to expect rapid progress and the emergence of a new industry with potentially transformative impacts.”

DuPont hosted this event as it part of it’s preparation to bring new biofuels to the market.
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