Duke Energy Carolinas Issues RFP for Renewable Energy

Duke Energy Carolinas has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking bids for power generated from renewable energy sources, including sun, wind, water, organic matter and other sources.

“At Duke Energy, we are committed to doing more to develop and use renewable energy,” said Ellen Ruff, president, Duke Energy Carolinas. “The responses we receive to this RFP, which is open to a wide array of renewable energy, will add to our understanding of the existing options and emerging opportunities to increase the amount of green power available for our customers’ use.” Broader use of renewable energy is part of Duke Energy’s comprehensive plan to create a sustainable energy future for the Carolinas while the company continues to work to reduce its environmental footprint. The plan includes building new power plants; developing energy efficiency programs to reduce demand; and supporting the development of state and federal energy policies that encourage the development of new technology. The RFP is specifically designed for renewable sources and recognizes some of their unique operating characteristics. The minimum capacity requirement for a potential supplier is only two megawatts (MW), and the resource can be intermittent in nature. Duke Energy is interested in talking with potential suppliers about purchase power agreements (PPA), purchasing a generating facility, or purchased power agreements with the option to buy the facility. The company is looking for resources that can be connected to the utility’s power delivery system and be operational by Jan. 1, 2012. Bids must come from providers who are new (placed in service since Jan. 1, 2007) or have already been qualified as suppliers by NC Green Power.

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