Doing Business in the Hydro Industry; Sponsoring RE Projects; Important Ruling in Nevada

Last week, we covered some of the broad political and regulatory issues facing the hydro industry. This week, we’ll have a feature story looking at what some companies are dealing with in the markets they serve.

We’ll hear from Lori Barg, Chief Executive of Community Hydro, about the complicated permitting process in her home state of Vermont; Dennis Pungitore about his run-of-river hydro system in Colorado; and John Christensen about the potential for upgrading hydroelectric dams in California.

Also in the podcast: Sponsorship seems to be everywhere. Now it’s hit the renewable energy industry! Ted Rose, Vice President of Business Development for Renewable Choice Energy, tells us about a deal that could mark a new trend for the industry.

Finally, we’ll have a feature report on the situation in Nevada, where the Public Utilities Commission is deliberating the legality of third-party ownership of renewable energy systems. The decision will determine the fate of businesses renting or leasing systems to customers in the state.

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