Diversified Energy & Evergreen Pulp Partner on Biomass-Hydrogen Project

Diversified Energy Corp. and Evergreen Pulp, Inc. submitted a joint proposal yesterday to pursue a biomass hydrogen for fuel cells project funded by the state of California. The focus of the state solicitation is on biomass-to-gas and/or hybrid projects specifically addressing industrial and commercial process heating or combined heat and power needs.

The Public Interest Energy Research Natural Gas (PIER-NG) Program, part of the California Energy Commission, is seeking research, development, and demonstration of technologies capable of replacing natural gas usage with renewable resources. The state is expected to make an award this spring, with project execution occurring over a period of 36 months. Diversified Energy Corporation is the prime contractor for the program, providing program management and the gasification technology. Evergreen Pulp is acting as the host for the project at their kraft pulp mill in Eureka, California. “We are excited to move towards the implementation of this green technology that could eliminate our dependency on natural gas and produce biomass hydrogen for fuel cells at the same time. Through such projects, we endeavor to do our part in supporting California as a leader in the field of renewable fuel development,” said David Tsang, CEO of Evergreen Pulp. The proposed project for the state of California will place a single demonstration-scale reactor at the mill. The reactor will gasify low-value excess wood fines to create syngas. This syngas will be pumped into the burners of a process heating facility, offsetting the natural gas currently being used. “Evergreen Pulp is the perfect partner for this effort and we can’t wait to begin replacing their natural gas with a renewable resource. HydroMax offers an ideal solution to address the DEC000153 challenges faced with the high costs and price instability of natural gas,” stated Phillip Brown, President and CEO of Diversified Energy Corporation.
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