Desmet Ballestra To Help Commercialize OriginOil Technology

OriginOil Inc. announced that it has formed a partnership with Desmet Ballestra, an international pioneer in oil and fats technologies.

OriginOil CEO and president Riggs Eckelberry announced the partnership with Desmet Ballestra during a speaking engagement at the National Algae Association’s fifth quarterly meeting.

“Desmet Ballestra is an early leader in the implementation and sale of full-scale algae extraction systems. With Desmet Ballestra as a worldwide partner, OriginOil can begin commercializing its algae-to-oil technology on a global scale,” Eckelberry said. “Like most current algae oil extraction systems on the market, the Desmet systems are quite expensive. Our patent-pending Single-Step Oil Extraction technology will help Desmet Ballestra create a more cost-efficient algae oil extraction system. In early studies, Desmet and OriginOil have estimated that energy efficiency gains may reach 90% in certain configurations.” 

Conventional algae oil extraction systems use petrochemical or alcohol solvents to extract algae oil. In this process, the largest amount of energy consumption comes from the initial steps of dewatering and drying the algal biomass. The OriginOil Single Step Extraction technology, however, allows the oil to be separated from the algal biomass in water with no dewatering or drying steps. As a result, substantial electrical and thermal energy can be saved.

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