Deregulation and alternative energy Providers

I am a very caring person who wants to help others in any way I can, I am very Pro- solar but some of the things that are said or used to push Solar Bothers me, Has anyone heard that the national Grid goes up 6 to 10% a year, and when calculating savings over various time intervals using those numbers the projected savings is Millions.

I have been involved with Deregulation for 3 years as an Ambit Consultant and here is what I have seen, Texas was pushing $.15 and projected to go to $.18 a KW they deregulated and now pay $.09 to $.10. In Northern Illinois Com-Ed areas they were at $.079 and climbing- Deregulated and now at .065 and dropping, Ambit has opened into new areas of NY, Pa, MD, NJ, and IL. And very soon will open in 4 to 6 more States here is what they will do or what they currently offer versus the incumbent Utility company

18.7% off in IL Com-ED

17.1% off PA PECO

15.3% off PA. PPL

16.1% off NJ. JCPL

11.7% off NJ. PSEG

 Their prices are going down and All 50 States will deregulate in the next several years.

and similiar discounts in other areas and utilities, and if that doesnt make the decision hard enough they also give you 3 days/ 2 nights at one of 25 resorts just to try it, No contract or obligation, no credit check, Travel reward points for every KW redeemable for more resort PKGS. If you refer 5 you get 1 of those pkgs and if you refer 15 within 6 months of signing up yourself you get FREE ENERGY. this can be viewed at  or for the Biz side and for the Customer Side.

 There is also a site for Large Commercial and Natural Gas where Companies can enter their usage and every utility in that state or area fight and Bid for that Contract, They are all trying to get that foot print in the deregulated states, This provides a live feed to the NY stck exchange shows every utility so you see who’s who and what’s what,and just like any stock see who they are what they are and where they have been in the past and how they compare. A company can pick their own rate then draw their own contract and save an Avg.of 25% on their utilities. and is free to do. that may be viewed at  I want to do whats best for the people and right now Im a little confused 



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