Democrats Must Prove Commitment to Renewable Energy

Now that Democrats have a majority in both the House and Senate, it is up to them to make renewable energy a priority on the legislative agenda; however, Democratic lawmakers might not provide the full political and financial support that people expect, according to a renewable energy expert and consultant in Washington, DC.

“The Democrats have wonderful rhetoric — much better than the Republicans. And they have generically embraced these kinds of programs. But that doesn’t always mean they’re able to deliver the dollars or the regulations,” said Scott Sklar of the Stella Group, speaking on’s Inside Renewable Energy podcast. Sklar said on the podcast that Americans might expect a bit more “piecemeal” legislation from the new Congress, but they probably won’t see comprehensive energy legislation that benefits renewables. Whatever the amount of action, Democrats must work with Republicans to create an atmosphere of bipartisan cooperation on clean energy issues, “which I think the Democrats have been trying to do,” he said. The 110th U.S. Congress began its legislative session on Tuesday, with Democrats pushing an aggressive “First 100 Hours” domestic agenda that, among many other things, will propose repealing some tax breaks for oil and gas companies and use that money to fund ethanol and biodiesel programs. Want to learn more about what the new change in Washington will mean for renewable energy? Listen to the Inside Renewable Energy podcast, linked below.
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