DeMarco Energy Systems Expands with Acquisition and Subsidiary

With DeMarco Energy Systems of America’s plan to purchase all American Geothermal assets, making it an operating subsidiary of DeMarco Energy (soon to be renamed Energy Vision International), it can begin installing DeMarco Energy-patented Geothermal Heat Pumps. Closing is scheduled for early in the New Year.

“Our goals are lofty and we set bold objectives. We encouraged investors to watch our progress as we become one of the world’s leading energy-conservation companies,” said Anthony Welch, DeMarco Energy chairman. In a second announcement, DeMarco Energy Systems of America will launch an operating subsidiary in the UK, representing the progress of entering the international arena. The launch will enable Energy Vision International, Inc. (aka DeMarco Energy Systems of America) to capitalize on increasing demand for alternative energy sources in the European marketplace especially as prices for gas and electricity are predicted to rise by 50 percent during 2006. DeMarco Energy’s Ground Source Heat Pumps are approved for use in the UK market and therefore permits the consumer to obtain government funding for installing geothermal pumps under the ClearSkies renewable energy grants program. Energy Vision International, aka DeMarco Energy Systems, expanded its business plan in 2004 to include energy-related acquisitions, marketing its patented geothermal water-air heating/cooling systems, and sales of energy conservation solutions. The company has geothermal installations in Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, Montana, South Dakota, Mississippi, California and Texas.
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