Cronkite Warms Up to Cape Wind Project

August 29, 2003 [] Award-winning journalist Walter Cronkite has changed his stance on the contentious Cape Wind offshore wind proposal for Nantucket Sound off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Cronkite had recently been a veritable spokesman against the project, having made numerous public declarations against the 420 MW renewable energy project which would be sited within distant view of his Cape Cod ocean front home. Cape Wind’s President Jim Gordon said they received word from news reports in which Cronkite, has now asked the main opposition body, Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, to stop using Cronkite’s voice and image in their advertising programs. News reports cited Cronkite is no longer against the project and instead wishes to remain neutral as more research is conducted on the potential effects. Cape Wind has stressed the importance to all parties, both for and against the project, to keep an open mind until the 17 federal and state agencies reviewing the project report their findings. Gordon said that Cronkite has continued to learn more about Cape Wind and that his continued interest in the merits of the project is gratifying to the developers.
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