CPC to Develop Poultry Litter Biofuel Energy System

Community Power Corporation (CPC) has been selected by the Department of Energy to develop new biofuel technology for on-farm conversion of poultry litter to both heat and power. Under this program, CPC and its team representing the poultry and biofuel industry will demonstrate options for local implementation that will mitigate pollution concerns, increase energy security, reduce energy expenditures, and create large markets for distributed biofuel generation.

LITTLETON, Colorado – May 31, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] “Traditional land application of poultry litter as fertilizer has led to environmental concerns or additional management costs for poultry producers,” said Art Lilley, Chairman of CPC. “We believe that a local, distributed power option for poultry litter can avoid issues such as siting, economic, feedstock transportation and supply raised by large central power plants. The potential market for on-farm modular biofuel systems is in the tens of thousands of systems representing hundreds of millions of dollars.” DOE’s Small Business Innovation Research Program is a multi-phase program supporting research and development consistent with DOE objectives. Under a Phase 1 SBIR, CPC confirmed the technical feasibility of its BioMax modular power system for litter to energy conversion. DOE intends that a small business grantee will be in a position to pursue commercial applications of the Research and Development at the end of a Phase II SBIR. In the Phase I SBIR, CPC used its small modular biofuel system called the BioMax to convert chicken litter to 4 kW of AC electricity and 100,000 BTU of recoverable thermal power. The BioMax employs downdraft gasifier technology. In Phase II, CPC will perform continued research on the downdraft gasifier as well as on another gasification technology called fluidized bed. “Depending on the application, each of these technologies has specific strengths,” said John Reardon, Director of R&D for CPC. “My job is to select the technology for field demonstration that is best suited for large-scale commercialization.” CPC is teamed with the Foundation for Organic Resources Management (FORM), the University of Arkansas, Iowa State University and Future Energy Resources Corporation (FERCO). FORM will take the lead in organizing an Industry Advisory Group consisting of contract poultry growers and poultry processing companies. Iowa State University will perform fluidized bed gasification tests. Field tests of the on-farm system will be conducted at the Broiler Energy Research Facility at the University of Arkansas. FERCO will determine the applicability of its Silva Gas Process to chicken litter energy conversion at its facility in Burlington, Vermont.


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