Covanta To Build US $300M Plant in England

The North of England Inward Investment Agency announced that Covanta Energy has purchased land in Northwest England and submitted an application for planning approval to build a new US $300 million plant in Cheshire County. The new facility will be able to convert the County’s non-recyclable, non-compostable residential waste into energy that could power up to 50,000 local homes.

The plant will take in a mix of commercial and industrial wastes from shops, offices and other businesses in the region. Covanta said that the construction of the facility will employ more than 300 workers and once the plant is operational, ongoing operations will create up to 50 permanent jobs.

“We’re excited that Covanta has moved into the North of England. Their Energy-from-Waste model fits in well with the environmental and energy independence-related goals of our region. It just makes sense that Covanta would become a part of one of the most innovative and exciting energy regions in the world. The North of England’s facilities, supply chain and favorable government regulations are a perfect fit for Covanta and other companies focused on renewable energy,” said Sonya Knox, vice president of The North of England Inward Investment Agency.

This project may not qualify as a renewable energy project under European standards; however, waste-to-energy projects could make up a large part of renewable portfolio standards in the U.S. A number of companies including Covanta, and startup Plasma Waste Recycling are planning to build out these types of projects around the U.S.

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