Covanta Reopens Tulsa Waste-to-Energy Facility

Covanta Energy announced the reopening of the Walter B. Hall Resource Recovery Facility, a waste-to-energy in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The facility, which can process up to 1,125 tons of municipal solid waste per day and generate 240,000 pounds of steam per hour, is currently accepting commercial and residential household waste for processing into energy.

“The reopening of Tulsa’s only energy-from-waste facility demonstrates the continued need for both renewable energy and sustainable solid waste management solutions,” said Seth Myones, president of Covanta Americas. “Further, this is a powerful indication of the strength of the Energy-from-Waste industry and our ability to generate clean energy from a sustainable fuel source, municipal solid waste.”

Covanta acquired the facility from CIT earlier this year and has been implementing environmental, safety and operational improvements to the plant, which began commercial operation in 1986 but has not been open since June 2007. Steam generated by the conversion process will be sold to local refineries and used to generate electricity.

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