Covanta and GDIH to Develop Energy-from-Waste Projects

Covanta Holding Corporation (Covanta), announced that is has taken a 40 percent stake in a joint venture with Guangzhou Development Industry (Holdings) Co., Ltd. (GDIH) to develop energy-from-waste projects in the Guangdong Province of Southeast China.

The new company, which will be known as Guangzhou Development Covanta Environmental Energy Co., Ltd, will design, build, own and operate new energy-from-waste facilities throughout the region.

“Working together, we plan to develop new facilities to generate electricity, offset the use of fossil fuel and reduce the amount of municipal solid waste that is landfilled,” said Covanta President and CEO Anthony Orlando. “Guangdong Province produces more than 27-million tons of household waste annually and we have the know-how to convert this into clean renewable energy to help meet China’s growing demand for electricity.”
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