Coskata Forms Alliance with ICM

Coskata, Inc. has announced a strategic alliance with ICM, Inc. to design and construct a commercial ethanol plant using Coskata’s biological fermentation technology. ICM’s process technology is responsible for approximately 50 percent of North American ethanol production from plants constructed by Fagen, Inc. and ICM.

The first Coskata plant is expected to open in late 2010. The location of the facility will be announced at a later date. Using patented microorganisms and efficient bioreactor designs, Coskata and ICM will use a unique three-step conversion process that turns virtually any carbon-based feedstock, including biomass, municipal solid waste, bagasse, and other agricultural waste into ethanol.

“Aligning with ICM on one of our first commercial plants is a natural choice because of their unrivaled biofuels technical knowledge and ability,” said Bill Roe, president and CEO of Coskata. “This strategic alliance moves us a step closer to the arrival of Coskata’s next-generation ethanol in the marketplace. Coskata and ICM will speed the commercialization of a process that will convert biomass into advanced biofuels from a number of renewable materials, at a production cost of less than $1 a gallon.”

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