Corn Oil to Diesel Conversion Will Meet BioFuel Demand

INSEQ restructured its manufacturing agreement with Ethanol Oil Recovery Systems and Cantrell Winsness Technologies to include additional manufacturing rights for Mean Green BioFuel, which acquired rights to a patent-pending technology for cost-effective conversion of corn oil into biodiesel fuels.

The territory encompasses most of the eastern half of the US, a highly industrialized geography that has not historically had access to cleaner burning fossil fuel alternatives. Under the new agreement, INSEQ will retain the right of first refusal to manufacture proprietary systems to extract crude corn oil from the evaporation area of dry mill ethanol facilities for further refining into biodiesel fuel in the western half of the US and now has the right of first refusal to manufacture the Extraction Systems, as well as Biodiesel Processing Equipment, for Mean Green BioFuels in the eastern half of the US. Given the breadth of the territory and the increasing popularity of biofuels, INSEQ expects the total national demand for the Extraction Systems will accordingly exceed 30 systems over the next 24 months. INSEQ will manufacture the systems at its Ohio based specialty equipment manufacturing facility, the first of which will ship Q1 2006. INSEQ is 70% owned by GreenShift; Mean Green is 51% owned by its inventor, Cantrell Winsness Technologies, and 49% owned by GreenShift.
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