Consumer Enrollment Will Help Grow Renewable Energy

[] 1.8 million electric customers are being encouraged to support Consumers Energy’s Green Generation program for the development of Michigan-based renewable energy projects. Approximately 75 percent of the electric capacity from the new projects is from wind generation, the remaining 25 percent capacity is from landfill gas facilities. Customers will gain the opportunity to support the effort by paying a small premium on their monthly bill. Customers who voluntarily enroll in the program have the option of paying $2.50 for a GreenBlock of 150 kWh, or by matching 100 percent of their monthly use for a premium of less than two cents per kWh. The utility has arranged supply contracts with seven independent renewable energy projects, representing approximately 238,000 MWh of electric capacity, enough to serve an estimated 30,000 customers. All of the projects will be located in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.
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