Construction Begins on Pyrolysis Plant

April 16, 2004 [] DynaMotive has broken ground on the construction site of what will be, when completed this summer, the worlds largest pyrolysis plant and the first pyrolysis oil fueled power co-generation facility. Pyrolysis is a process that efficiently converts solid bio mass (wood / agricultural by-products) into a combustible fuel referred to as BioOil and char through very rapid heating of dried bio mass — to 500 degrees Celsius — in the absence of oxygen. When subjected to the heat source the bio mass vaporizes. The resulting gases are cleaned of solid remaining matter (collected as char) and then cooled rapidly. The condensed gases are collected as liquid BioOil. Gases that are not condensed are re-circulated to provide heat to the process. Dynamotive said BioOil is a liquid fuel with medium heating value that can be used to cleanly generate electricity and heat at industrial locations such as saw mills, pulp and paper mills, wood processors, agricultural facilities and recycling facilities. Because it is derived from bio mass, BioOil is deemed to be green house gas neutral. The company said it has virtually no sulfur, low nitrous oxide emissions and very low particulates (significantly lower than diesel) when combusted.
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