Consortium Examines Tidal Power Generation for UK

The first Tidal Delay pilot plant in the UK, to be constructed in 2007/2008, will initiate a series of plants that will contribute to the UK’s commitment to renewable energy and further enhance the UK’s strength in marine energy technology leadership.

It is anticipated that the majority of potential for Tidal Delay tidal power generation within the UK will be in the west of Scotland and north through to Orkney, pending funding. Marine Energy Projects Limited (MEPL), based in Edinburgh, Scotland, is a joint venture of two Australian firms, Woodshed Technologies Pty Ltd and SMEC Developments International. MEPL has formed a consortium within the United Kingdom with AMEC PLC, Tidestream Limited, Edinburgh University and Robert Gordon University to examine all aspects of Tidal Delay tidal power generation process, plant development and siting. Woodshed Technologies, owner of the patented tidal power generation process, is a developer of clean technologies in energy, water and transport. SMEC Developments International is a unit of the international engineering consultancy, SMEC Holdings Limited. The consortium is seeking partial seed funding to complete this one-year initial work program and to maintain an ongoing external investment relationship. Such funding will complement project services expertise from the consortium members, whose application for funding under the UK Department of Trade & Industry’s Technology Program has advanced to final stage status.
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