Connecticut Town Goes Green – Power

Westport, Connecticut has become the first municipality in the northeast to receive Green-e certified power.

WESTPORT, Connecticut 2002-03-11 [] The Westport Board of Selectmen voted to sign up the Westport Town Hall and most of the town’s recreation buildings for a 100 percent Renewable Electricity offering that comes from wind, hydro and recovered methane gas from landfills, which has been certified by the Green-e Program. Green-e certification is a nationally recognized tool to help consumers identify environmentally superior electricity offerings. Westport selected EcoWatt(TM), an energy option provided by the Connecticut Energy Cooperative (CEC) and distinguished by the Green-e Logo. “We have a responsibility to set the example,” said Diane Goss Farrell a Westport selectwoman, in a statement. “The co-op’s EcoWatt(TM) electricity offering is significantly cleaner, renewable, and supports homegrown New England based sources.” The town of Westport, along with thousands of households in the state of Connecticut, has made the switch of some or all of their electricity to green power, even though the cost is slightly higher than power generated by fossil fuels. They are a part of a growing number of Americans that are supporting Renewable Energy for a cleaner, healthier environment. College students in Connecticut have also made green power a priority, as Wesleyan University signed up the Freeman Athletic Center, while Connecticut College became the first college to sign up for Renewable Energy in September. “Green Power is becoming a national trend, and studies show that many people will pay more for environmental benefits and the peace of mind that Renewable Energy offers,” said Gabe Petlin, Green-e program manager. “Cleaner, greener resources are available, and Americans are taking advantage of them for a healthier future.”
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