Conn. Fund Offers New Funding for Renewable Energy

The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) announced a new program that makes almost $21 million available to reduce the cost of installing renewable-energy power-generating equipment at commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.

The On-site Renewable Distributed Generation (DG) Program is a flexible, financial support program designed to encourage businesses, factories, hospitals, universities and other users to install at their own facilities equipment that produces electricity using renewable technologies such as fuel cells and solar photovoltaic systems. Through the program, the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund will provide financial support to lower the cost of renewable-energy generating equipment, in order to make the project economically feasible. The level of support provided to individual projects will vary, depending on the specific economics of the installation. “CCEF’s goals include promoting the installation of clean-energy power plants in Connecticut,” said Dale Hedman, director of project development for the Fund. “This program will help facility owners generate clean energy right at their sites. This will help them better manage their energy costs, enhance their electric reliability and reduce their consumption of electricity from the grid. Plus, these installations will demonstrate that on-site renewable energy distributed generation can be part of Connecticut’s energy independence solutions.” The Program Opportunity will be available for public comment through November 2, 2005. The draft of CCEF’s On-site Renewable DG Program, application instructions and forms are available at or by calling 860-563-0015. CCEF has scheduled an information session at 1:30 p.m. on November 2nd at the Crown Plaza in Cromwell, Ct., to receive direct public feedback on the program. The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund invests in technology to support the creation of supply from renewable sources and fuel cells in order to strengthen Connecticut’s economy, protect community health, improve the environment, and promote a secure energy supply for Connecticut. The Fund, financed by a surcharge on ratepayers electric utility bills, is administered by Connecticut Innovations.


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